Today’s Reflection: Isaiah 7:10-14
Daily Lectionary: Isaiah 44:21-45:13,20-25; Revelation 12:1-17

And so the Lord Himself will give you a sign. Behold, the Virgin shall conceive and bear a Son and shall call His Name Immanuel. (Isaiah 7:14)

Merry Christmas! In the Name + of Jesus. Amen. Here’s a sign that you can see is obviously from God: The Virgin is with child! The impossible has happened!

Mary is with child. All things are possible with God. All of His promises are kept in this Child. Jesus is the fulfillment of everything and everything rests on Him. That Child in the manger is God Himself. He is God of God and Light of Light and very God of very God. What is true of God is true of that Baby. He’s even made of the same substance of the Father. He is God in the flesh. God with us.

To touch this Baby is to touch God. To hit Him is to hit God. To reject Him is to reject God. To whip Him is to whip God. To drive nails into His hands is to drive nails into the hand of God. To kill Him is to kill God Himself.

That last bit wasn’t very merry, wasn’t it? Who wants to think of Jesus dying on Christmas? You do! You’d better! If you don’t contemplate the death of this Child tonight, you’ll miss the true joy of Christmas! Baby Jesus isn’t born for Himself. He isn’t born for Mary’s joy. He’s born to die to save you and me!

That’s the other truth of Christmas! There’s a Christmas because we cannot fix our situation with God. We can’t overcome our sins. We can’t make up for what we have done. Adam’s sin still damns us. Our actual sins separate us even further from God.

Jesus is born to save you from your sins. He’s born to save you from your death. He’s born to take upon Himself the punishment of your sins deserve. He’s born to save you from Almighty God!

Don’t fear! You will be saved in Jesus. This Baby isn’t just God! No, it’s far better than that! He’s Immanuel. He’s God with us! Where we are, there He is. Right in the dirt of our world, redeeming humanity, saving us from all that could ever damn us. He became like us so that we would finally be the creation that God meant us to be: children who live not by what they do or don’t do, but by faith alone.

Spread love tonight! Owe nothing to anyone but the love that He has given to you. Be merry! Joy it up! For the miracle has actually happened! The Virgin has conceived and has borne a Child and His name shall be called Immanuel. In Him you and I are saved. Merry Christmas! In the Name + of Jesus. Amen.

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