Today’s Reflection: John 20:24-29
Daily Lectionary: Isaiah 42:1-25; Revelation 9:1-12

Thomas answered him, “My Lord and my God.” (John 20:28)

In the Name + of Jesus. Amen. Thomas understood the world. It had rules. It had Laws. Men are born. They live. They work. They try to serve God as best as they can. They die. And they stay dead.

Jesus had died. He was crucified. He had been pierced and blood and water had flowed from His side. Like Adam before Him, Jesus died and they did to Him what they always did to dead people: they buried Him.

But on Easter morning, Mary Magdalene had said she had seen Him alive. Women weren’t considered reliable witnesses in the ancient world, so none of the disciples had believed her. Thomas left the upper room and, when he returned, the disciples told him they had seen the Lord, too. They said they had seen His pierced hands and feet. He was alive again!

Yeah, right. Thomas knew better. The dead don’t come back to life. Even though Jesus had raised other people from the dead, there was the reality of one of the fundamental laws of this universe: dead people stay dead.

It wasn’t doubt in Thomas. It was unbelief. It was crass. It was defiant. He would not believe. He refused to believe unless he himself put His fingers into the scars and thrust his hand into Jesus’ pierced side. Otherwise, no, no thank you. Not believing.

Eight days later, Jesus shows up again. He makes a beeline to the unbeliever. “Thomas, put your hand here, see my hands! Thomas, thrust your hand here, see my side! Be not unbelieving, but believe!” Thomas repents and declares, “My Lord and my God.”

God gives us St. Thomas Day every Advent to point us to how Jesus comes to us. He doesn’t have to show up for us like He showed up for Thomas. He has given us far better! He’s given us the external Word!

Thomas should have believed the Apostle’s words! You should, too! They are all you need! They are the eyewitness, God-breathed testimony of how Jesus was born of the Virgin, lived for you, suffered for you, and died for you. After three days, He appeared to Mary, the disciples, and even Thomas.

You can trust this Word. You can put your faith in His Word. His Word delivers the Holy Spirit who works the faith to grasp hold of the promise that this Jesus who died for you has risen from the dead.

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