Today’s Reading: 1 Samuel 17:40-51
Daily Lectionary: Genesis 13:1-18; Mark 5:1-20

And the Philistine looked over and saw David, he disdained him because he was a kid, ruddy and handsome in his face. (1 Samuel 17:42)

In the Name + of Jesus. Amen. You can’t win. You can’t beat him. He’s too big. There’s too much to do. You’ve failed so many times before, so why even try? Everyone is going to see you crash and burn. You’re going to be exposed for the hypocrite and fake that you really are.

Doubts. Despair. Loneliness. Faithlessness. These are the loudest voices that you hear in your mind. Behind these voices isn’t just self-doubt, it’s far worse! You don’t believe that God will rescue you. You don’t deserve Him. Who are you against the Goliaths of this world?

Everyone was running from that Philistine Goliath. He mocked God. He mocked the soldiers of Israel. And what could they do? Nothing! He was just too…too much of a Goliath for them.

David was a handsome kid. That means he was a “pretty boy” and not a soldier. But when He saw the giant blaspheming God, he became furious! Who was this who defied the Lord? How dare he, no matter how tall and great and strong he was!

King Saul, as he cowered from the mocking giant, tried to arm David. He put his armor on him: helmet, chest plate, sword, shield, the whole shebang. It must have been comical to see a kid in man’s armor as Saul assured him, “You can do it!”

David took off the armor and grabbed his staff. Saul’s stuff was just getting in the way. God would save him. He grabbed five smooth stones from the river on his way to the battlefield.

“Am I a dog, that you come to me with sticks?” Goliath mocked him and cursed him to his false gods. It all seemed lost. David wasn’t trusting in himself when he lifted up his sling. He trusted God. God would deliver the giant into his hands. God would save him.

God did indeed save David and Israel from Goliath that day. God has saved you, too, from all the voices of doubt and despair in your world. Take a deep breath. Look at Jesus. See Jesus’ Lent and what He did for you. See how He conquered the devil, the world, and your sinful nature. He died and rose so that you might live and be forgiven.

No matter what else happens to you, win or lose, you are going to be okay in Jesus. Actually, you’ll be more than okay! You are and will be forgiven. His salvation turns your losses into wins, your failures into victories, and your doubt into trust. Believe it for Jesus’ sake! In the Name + of Jesus. Amen.

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