Daily Lectionary: Job 9:1-35; John 4:46-54

“..who has redeemed me a lost and condemn person, purchased and won me from all sins, from death, and from the power of the devil.”(Small Catechism: The Creed, Second Article, Part 2)

In the Name + of Jesus. Amen. To be “redeemed” is to be “bought back.” You have been bought back! You had to be bought back. That can’t go without being said. You may not have ever felt that way. You may not think you are completely evil. But you were. On your own, you were and are lost. You were condemned by God.

We don’t really want to be bought back. We like to live in our sins. We want to do them. They are the sick chains that we wear around our necks. It’s why we do them daily and much.

But the Lord still buys you back. That’s what it means that He is the Lord. He’s the One who redeems you. He pays for your sins with His holy life. He is punished in your place. He dies so that your death would be swallowed up in His death.

Jesus didn’t just die for you. He rose for you, too! He lives, now, for you. All your life—your redemption—is connected with His resurrection. As surely as He lives, you live, too.

You are His. You are! It’s not believable. It seems crazy. But you are God’s own child. You didn’t buy it. You didn’t earn it with what you do. No, you are who you are and you are worth what you are worth because He pays His life for you.

You live now because He lives. You are holy because He is holy. You are righteous because He is righteous. You are a good works machine by faith because He is a good works machine for you. You do God-pleasing things. He’s doing them through you for others.

Death doesn’t own you anymore. The devil can’t touch you—He can try but He has to get through Jesus first. And that’s not going to happen, not after Easter. Your sins can never damn you. They died with Him. You live. You will live forever and ever, for you have been redeemed with the holy, precious blood of Christ. In the Name + of Jesus. Amen.

Word eternal, throned on high, Word that brought to life creation, Word that came from heav’n to die, Crucified for our salvation, Saving Word, the world restoring, Speak to us, Your love outpouring. (Word of God, Come Down on Earth, LSB 545:2)

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