On this week’s episode, Pastor Riley, Sandra, and Kate talk about the season of Epiphany and why it is such a special time in the Church Year. It is during Epiphany that Christ reveals Himself to us in His Baptism, His temptation in the desert, His miracles, and in His Word as He teaches. He reminds us constantly that He has come for a specific purpose. His hour is not yet at hand, but soon will be. And His baptism, temptation, miracles – all that He does points to His purpose. He comes to save us from our sins by dying on the cross, triumphing over the devil, and rising again on the third day. It is also in the lessons of the Epiphany season that Jesus’ personality as a human being is shared with us. In this too, we take comfort, remembering that Jesus is a real human being, not God inhabiting the body of a man, but a real human being who suffers and dies just as we do. And just as Christ rose from the dead, we too look forward to our own bodily resurrection in Him.

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