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In episode 7 Pastor Borghardt will open up Higher Things Radio by interviewing Sandra Ostapowich, the secretary of Higher Things and commonly known through the blogosphere as “madre”. In a new segment, “A Moment with Madre” Sandra will get asked an “Is this a sin…” question for women. How will Madre handle the question, can she direct us to the Gospel? Then Pastor Borghardt will interview The Rev. Duane Bamsch, the catechesis chair for Sola 2009, a Higher Things Lutheran Youth Conference, and Pastor of Evangelists Lutheran Church in Kingsbury, TX. Pastor Bamsch will talk about a sectional he delivered at Amen 2008 on New Testament Archaeology. We’ll dig through the dust with Pastor Bamsch in search of Jesus and while we’re at it we might even get a Joel Osteen impression. Lastly Pastor Borghardt will try and “Stump the President” with Rev. William Cwirla, the President of Higher Things. So far Pastor Cwirla is 2-0, will he be able to keep his perfect record? Tune in today and fine out!

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