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The fifth episode of Higher Things Radio is a special Presidential episode. After opening up with another monologue from Pastor Borghardt on the 9th Chapter of Matthew where Jesus heals a paralytics, Pastor Borghardt will interview the Vice President of Higher Things, The Rev. Brent Kuhlman. Pastor Kuhlman will talk about a sectional he delivered at this summer’s Amen conference, “Mormonism: Exposed” where he’ll discuss the history and origin of Mormonism and what to beware of concerning the world’s third fastest growing religion. Finally in this presidential episode Pastor Borghardt will attempt yet once more to stump the Higher Things President, The Rev. William Cwirla in Higher Things Radio’s “Stump the Pastor” segment. (Note: This week Higher Things Radio has a new time and place on Pirate Christian Radio, Fridays @ 2:00pm CST.)


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