In this episode, Pastors Gillespie and Riley dive back into Heiko Oberman’s biography of Martin Luther. This week, Oberman explains how The Freedom of a Christian was Luther’s formulation of the Christian as “simul” in order to counter the theological arguments of both Johann von Staupitz and Johannes Tauler.

Text: Luther: Man Between God and the Devil by Heiko A. Oberman, p. 13ff

Show Notes:

Gulag Archipelago

Liberal Christianity 

Orthodoxy, Pietism, Rationalism, and Romanticism

F. Bente on Melanchthon

The Philippists

Weimar Ausgabe

Johannes Tauler

Johannes von Staupitz

The Brent Kuhlman Experience

Gospeled Boldly

The Freedom of a Christian

Liberation Theology

Oscar Romero

Jurgen Moltmann – The Crucified God 

Book of Concord – Smalcald Articles

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