Dear everyone,

Greetings to you at this blessed, though hectic, time of the year!

We’ve been busy preparing for The Feast but we wanted to provide you with a quick update.

Registration for The Feast has now been open for five weeks. We are pleased to announce that over 300 seats at The Feast that have been reserved. This means that we are 25% full. We are also thrilled that 77% of those who have registered to date will be coming to their very first Higher Things  Conference.

Please remember that everything you need to register for The Feast is available at If you can’t get your questions answered there, please feel free to contact us at:


God’s blessings for your preparations to join us next summer and may God grant each of you a blessed Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord!

Mrs. Sue Pellegrini,
2006 Conference Registrar

Rev. Marcus Zill
2006 Conference Director

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