The Gospel is always more. There is more grace, more forgiveness, more life, more salvation in Jesus than we could ever figure out in this life time. With Jesus, there is always more!

As you have heard, the “From Above” Higher Things Conference at Purdue University is full. It actually is overfilled! We have limited spots in the plenary space, and we have a waiting list of well over over one hundred registrants wanting to attend this conference – with more still coming in!

Thankfully, the Purdue conference is not the only Higher Things Conference this year. There are two other conferences this summer: one in the beautiful Poconos region of Pennsylvania, at the University of Scranton from June 25-28 and another in the gorgeous hills of Tacoma, Washington at Pacific Lutheran University from July 16-19. To encourage groups to register for one of these other conferences, we will be freezing the registration fee at $350/person for these two conferences. (All other deadlines, fees, etc. still apply.)

But what about the waiting list? Well, the Gospel is always more. We’re just going to open registration further at Purdue, and expand the capacity of the conference to accommodate everyone. All registration deadlines will remain in place for the Purdue Conference.

These are unexpected (and good!) problems to have! Good thing our Lord has taught us the Gospel. The Gospel is always more. More at Purdue than we expected or planned but room for everyone. Thank you, Jesus.

Blessed Lententide to you!

Rev. George F. Borghardt III
Conference Executive
Higher Things, Inc.

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