“Glory be to Jesus who in bitter pains poured for me the lifeblood from His sacred veins!” (LSB 433)

Thanks be to God for the wonderful growth our organization has experienced these last few years! Our conferences, retreats, and media outlets have grown despite all the forces working against the Church and our youth. Our donors are helping us to dare our church’s youth to be Lutheran more than ever!

In order to keep pace with this wonderful growth, we have made some exciting organizational changes. Our Board of Directors decided in January that we would seek a full-time Executive Director who will be responsible for overseeing the administration, programs, and mission of the organization.

Up until now, Higher Things has employed a “shared” governance model in which executives from various program areas of Higher Things worked together with the Board of Directors to manage the organization. Our unprecedented growth has caused us to replace this with a more agile governance model. The new executive director will lead our current executive staff and report directly to the board of directors. We pray that the new structure will allow us to dare to be Lutheran better, more efficiently, and to more quickly adapt to this ever-changing world as we continue in our mission to fix the eyes of the parents, youth, and youth leaders on the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you are a confessional Lutheran, support Higher Things, and want to dare to be Lutheran with us, please check out our Executive Director Job Description. We will be accepting resumes sent to HTED@higherthings.org until May 6, 2019.

A blessed Lententide to you!


Rev. George F. Borghardt III


Higher Things, Inc

Download the Executive Director Job Description.

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