The Higher Things staff is excited to announce that audio and video recordings of breakaway sessions from the Crucified 2014 Conference, at Concordia – Wisconsin, will be released over the next several weeks!

Over the next eight weeks we will release video from these breakaways:

  • Dating, Relationships, Loneliness and THAT – Rev. George Borghardt
  • Baptized, Not Gay – Rev. Mark Buetow
  • Why Are Some Lutherans So Backwards About Women? – Sandra Ostapowich
  • What the Hell? – Rev. David Kind
  • Christians: Leading a Double Life – Rev. Donavon Riley
  • Repentance: I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means – Rev. John Drosendahl

We will also include video of:

  • Rev. Matthew Harrison’s Plenary Sessions
  • Rev. Jonathan Fisk’s Plenary Sessions

In those weeks we will also be releasing audio from:

  • Crazy Chronicles about the Crucified: Understanding Parables with Rev. Bruce Keseman
  • The Augsburg Confession in 60 Minutes (or, How to Make Your Pastor Cry) with Rev. Michael Schuermann
  • Taking the Crazy Creepy Theological Monkey to Church with Sem. René Castillero
  • The Works of God Appear Evil: The Heidelberg Disputation for Dummies with Rev. Jonathan Fisk
  • The Hunger Games: Dystopia to Utopia with Rev. Gaven Mize
  • The Danger of Non-Lutheran Bible Studies with Rev. Anthony Voltattorni
  • How to Read the Bible Like a Lutheran (and Not a Protestant) with Rev. Dean Kavouras
  • At the Lamb’s High Feast with Rev. David Fleming

A new video will be released each Sunday and a new audio breakaway will be released each Thursday. The releases began last week with Pr. Borghardt’s breakaway which can be found here:

Higher Things is pleased to be able to offer these resources at no cost to you!

Higher Things exists and grows on the basis of donations and free-will offerings from congregations and individuals. All donations are tax-deductible. If you wish to contribute to the work of Higher Things, please visit

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