Welcome to another spring topical issue of Higher Things Magazine!  This time we’ve put the spotlight on EVANGELISM: the ultimate in Jesus for you and you for your neighbor. From the dinner table, to the mission field, from the Divine Service to the service you give your neighbor, the pattern is crystal clear:  People come to faith only through the work of the Holy Spirit through Word, water, bread and wine.  And the good news about sharing the Good News is that God may use your mouth, skills and vocation, but it’s not up to you to save souls—that’s in His hands.

Included in this issue:

  • Feel Free to Pass on the Good News – By Rev. George F. Borghardt
  • We Don’t “Do” Evangelism – By Rev. Donavon Riley
  • It’s All About the Seed, Not the Sower – By Rev. Eric Brown
  • Planting and Watering – By Rev. Joel Fritsche
  • Declare First, Defend Second: Why Apologetics Takes a Backseat to Apologetics – By Rev. Mark A. Pierson
  • Third Article Evangelism – By Rev. Chris Rosebrough
  • The Liturgy: Tried and True Evangelism – By Katie Hill
  • Evangelism on the College Campus: Fish Don’t Want to Be Caught – By Rev. Philip Young
  • The Small Catechism for Evangelism – By Rev. William M. Cwirla

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