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Policy on Reprinting Articles From Higher Things® Magazine

Higher Things® is happy for CURRENT SUBSCRIBERS to use our articles for various noncommercial uses, with the understanding that Higher Things® retains the copyright on all articles, and provided that you follow these guidelines:

  1. Reprints include any materials used in part or in whole from Higher Things magazine that are photocopied, downloaded from the website, printed from the website or duplicated in some way separate and apart from the magazine or website.
  2. Permission to make reprints within these stated guidelines are restricted to current subscribers only for use exclusively in local Lutheran congregations; Lutheran school classrooms and Lutheran youth group meetings. All other uses expressly prohibited without prior written permission from Higher Things.
  3. No more than 10 copies may be made of any article total, and no more than one article per issue of the magazine total, without written permission of Higher Things; for permission, please contact or call 480-628-1172 and ask for Katie.
  4. Reprints may not be used for commercial gain in any way; you may not charge for reprints or use the reprints in any way in a class, event or meeting or for any other use in which there is any type of charge to participate or receive materials involving the reprint.
  5. Articles must appear in the exact form as published in Higher Things magazine, and each page of the reprint must carry a hand-written or typed copyright and use statement as follows:
    “Copyright. Higher Things, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission of Higher Things.
  6. Each copy of the reprint must carry both the cover of the issue from which the reprint is made, and the information for subscriptions page as photocopied from the magazine or downloaded from as part of the complete file.

All reprint requests that fall outside of these stated criteria should be addressed to Katie Hill, Editor, Higher Things Magazine at or by calling 480-628-1172.