Winter 2008

Volume 0/Number 0

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The Top Ten Things Teenagers Don’t Know (or Want to Know) About Their Pastor

Rev. Prof. Jeffrey Pulse

They’re mysteries, those pastors.What do they
do in their spare time? Do they all live like
monks? And how much do they really know
about you? In a tell-all glimpse into the secret
lives of pastors, Pastor Pulse divulges the truth
you’ve been waiting to hear.

It Takes Time

Mr. Mark Pfundstein

It’s hard to be mature.You’re trying to act grown
up, but for now you’re in this middle, awkward
stage.You’re not a baby,but you’re just not quite
an adult yet. So what’s a teenager to do? Start by
reading Mr. Pfundstein’s advice on how to act
your age.

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The Lord Has Good Use for You

Rev. Brent Kuhlman

To do good works or not do good works . . . that
is the question.Or is it? Do we do them to make
God happy? Or do we do them in service to our
neighbor? And really,what’s going to happen to
us if we don’t do any at all?When it comes to
good works, Pastor Kuhlmann has the answer.

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Honor Our Fathers and Mothers

Dcs. Rachel Thompson

Sometimes it’s more fun to be naughty than
nice. Sure, our parents taught us to be respectful,
kind, considerate, and thoughtful.But do we
have to be perfect all the time? Can’t we just act
up now and then? Pleeeease? Dcs.Thompson
knows a thing or two about disobeying parents,
and she’s ready to fess up.

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A Call to Defend

Rev. Bernie Schey

The elections are over.The political ads are done.
The hype has died down. But through it all,
families of soldiers are still missing their loved
ones and waiting for their return home.You can
help. If you know a family of a soldier, Pastor
Schey will help you help them.

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Happy Holidays. You’re a Baboon.

Rev. Tim Pauls

That’s right.We said it.You’re a baboon.Actually,
you’re not.The American Humanist Association
said you were, but Pastor Pauls disagrees.You’re
not an animal.You’re a child of God.You’re
created in His image. So,merry Christmas!
You’re not a monkey after all.

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Peter and His Rocky Confession

Rev. George Borghardt III

Peter is the frustrating disciple.He’s always
speaking out of turn, saying what he shouldn’t,
making a ruckus, and being obnoxious (and no,
we’re not talking about your little brother). But,
believe it or not, Pastor Borghardt’s found a time
when Peter actually got things right.Check out
this article for Peter’s confession of Christ that
speaks for us all.

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Homosexuality: Not Gay and Not Biblical

Rev. Eric Andrae

You’ll hear about it from your teachers and
college professors, from friends who are
Christians, and from the society: it’s not a sin to
be gay. But Scripture says differently.To get in
on the conversation, read Pastor Andrae’s
critique of what the culture tells you is okay
about homosexuality.

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Christ on Campus: About the Father’s Business

Rev. Marcus Zill

College is a time of seeking truth and answers.
Students want to know what’s right and wrong
and why. But Pastor Zill encourages your
college years to be a time of seeking Christ,
who is truth incarnate, and who can only be
found where He has promised to be: in His
water,Word, and forgiveness.

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An Answered Prayer

Kathy Luder

Maybe Kathy’s been reading toomuch Twilight or
maybe it was a late night out watching it at the
movie theater.But either way, she’s got vampires
on the brain, and coming into contact with them
turns out to bemore than a deadly nightmare.

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Something Good to Say

Rev. David Petersen

The Eighth Commandment is easy to break.
After all, your grandma’s purple hair is just
begging to be made fun of. But it’s a
commandment nonetheless. So what happens
now? No worries.You have a Friend
who never gossips about
you, and Pastor Petersen tells
you He is anxious to speak good
things about you on earth and in heaven.

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