Winter 2006

Volume 6/Number 4

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God Revealed by Grace

Rev. David Petersen

God created everything in the universe. But is it just there to look pretty or is there more to it? Understanding God through His creation is called the natural knowledge of God, and while it’s no easy subject to wrap your head around, Pastor Petersen will make it all clear!

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Candles in the Dark: Jesus and Hanukkah

Kelly Klages

Menorahs, driedels, and yarmulkes – what is being Jewish all about anyway? If you’ve ever wondered about the topic of Hanukkah, the differences between Christians and the Jewish, and why they don’t celebrate Christmas, this is the article for you.

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Pulse: The Five Greatest Movies Never Made

Doktor Martin Luther and Anthony Sacramone

Tired of not being able to find any Christian-friendly movies anymore? Read the good doctor’s propsal that Christian youth start making their own, and find out what his suggestions are for movies that would benefit Lutherans and the world as a whole.

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What I Didn’t Say in the Confessional

Susan Gehlbach

Has it been a while since you’ve thought about what really takes place during Confession? Susan Gehlbach will refresh your memory by recounting the ache of confessing painful sins, the joy of receiving Holy Aboslution, and the hope that sinners have in Christ.

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Goofy Church Signs – Revisited

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Grace of the Court

Rev. Tim Pauls

The courtroom is packed. The Judge isn’t in a good mood. And you’re the guilty one. How will you plead? And will the Judge be merciful or will He punish you for breaking the Law? For a dramatic fictional account of what the Last Day just might be like, turn to Pastor Pauls’ article on judgment and grace.

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Christ on Campus: Christ in the Dock

Craig Parton

Because today’s secular society seems to think that there is no truth, Christians are often called upon to give a defense of their faith. Craig Parton, a lawyer, summarizes common arguments used against Christianity and then outlines the best (and Lutheran) way to refute them.

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Caught in the Web

Kathy Luder

E-mails can sometimes bring horrible news. After receiving one from a friend who admitted she was no longer a Christian, Kathy Luder had a frank discussion with her pastor about unbelief and faith. Read her latest account to find out how Kathy reacted to the news and what comfort her pastor had to share with her.

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Dare To Be Lutheran: Luther on the Bible

Sem. Charles Lehmann

Have you ever talked to someone who wondered what the Bible is about? Yes, it’s about wars, sin, angels, and other fascinating things, but it’s more than that. It’s what Christ has to tell us about Himself. And not only is the Word about Christ, the Word is Christ. And it’s all for you!

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Jesus Comes to You

Julie Stiegemeyer

As surprising as it may seem, not all Lutherans worship in air-conditioned sanctuaries or get to eat coffee and donuts after chuch. Some gather beneath mangos trees to hear the Word of God preached while monkeys swing above their heads. God is building his Church around the world, and Julie Stiegemeyer gives us the inside scoop on how it’s happening in one corner of Africa.

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Myths of the Holy Spirit: Christmas Spirits

Rev. George F. Borghardt III

Who is the Holy Spirit? What is His role? And what on earth does He have to do with Christmas? To find out the answers to these questions as well as how the Holy Spirit works in you daily, turn no farther than Pastor Borghardt’s article.

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Paranormal Powers

Rev. Tim Pauls

Are you fascinated by aliens, ghosts, and haunted houses? Does the devil really command his demons to activley work against you? Read about Pastor Pauls’ exprience with a possessed alarm clock and his explanation of what Christ has done to defeat the powers of darkness.

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