Spring 2009

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No More Stressing

Mrs. Nikki Boyle

Is there something that makes you uniquely you? Is it your number of IM contacts, your amount of Facebook friends, or how many people sit at you study hall table? Nope. It’s none of those. Mrs. Nikki Boyle went through what you’re going through, and she’s here to help you see that your identity is in Christ, not your clothing brand.

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Purgatory, Parousia, and Getting Lost

Tracey Dann

On Thursday nights, Facebook statuses everywhere read “So-and-So is Lost.” It’s a universal symbol for “Leave me alone. I’m watching Lost. Don’t bug me.” But is the show more than that? Can it teach you a valuable theological lesson too? Tracey Dann thinks so, and she’s ready to fill you in.

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Finding the Triune God in the Aaronic Benediction

Miss Kimberly Fetz

Every Sunday, it’s the same old thing. The pastor says the Lord’s name three times, makes the sign of the cross, and the service ends. But Miss Kimberly Fetz knows that the Aaronic benediction is more than simply a sign that church is over. It is a blessing meant just for you!

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Father Knows Best: The Power of Prayer

Rev. Tim Pauls

Praying isn’t easy. You’re not always sure what to pray for or if you should really be praying it or if the Lord is actually even paying attention to what you’re saying in the first place. But Pastor Pauls is here to remind you that the Lord hears, answers, and works all things for your good (just in case you forgot).

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The Enemy: Death

Mr. Michael Fieberkorn

Man was not created to die. Death should be unnatural. But after our first parents’ fall in the garden, death and doubt are our way of life. Mr. Michael Fieberkorn helps you understand the consequence of sin, the origin of death, and the hope that is yours in Christ Jesus.

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Curtis and Confession

Curtis the Confessor

Pastors are great… except for when you have to talk to them. Curtis has gone through some rough times at school, and now his mom is making him meet face-to-face with Pastor Michaels to talk about it. Will Pastor Michaels’ words of comfort be able to help? Or will Curtis keep his fears bottled up inside?

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Jan Hus: Champion of Christian Freedom

Mr. Dennis Di Mauro

Say the word reformer, and most people shout, “Martin Luther!” But there are other reformers too, men who were tried and tested for the faith and who withstood the assaults and attacks of the devil. For the story of one who fought the good fight, see Mr. Di Mauro’s article on Jan Hus, who was burned at the stake for his faith in Christ.

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Twitter: Martin Luther Style

What? You don’t get tweets from the good doctor himself? What are you waiting for? Sign up for Twitter, people. Chop chop!

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Happy Lent

Rev. George F. Borghardt III

It’s that time of year again: Lent. The church service is more solemn, the Alleluias go away, and purple shows up everywhere. Is it all sadness, or is there anything joyful about this season at all? Pastor Borghardt wants you to know that there is, and he’s pointing you back to your Lord’s crucifixion and the forgiveness that’s yours because of it.

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Above the Mountains

Rev. Pavel Zayakin

While some of you were sweating through the St. Louis Higher THings conference a couple of years ago, a bunch of other Lutheran teens were standing on a mountaintop in Siberia taking in the view. They spent the weekend reading Scripture, understanding their Lutheran-ness, hiking, and hang-gliding. And to top it off, Pastor Zayakin’s going to give you a sneak peek into it all

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Christ on Campus: An Apology for Apologetics

Rev. Ian Stewart Pacey

Say the word apology, and people instantly think you’ve don something wrong. But in Christianity, an apology is a defense, explaining why a person believes the way he does. If you have friends who aren’t Christians, you need to read Pastor Pacey’s article. He’ll give you a crash course in apologetics so that you can defend your faith against any attack of the devil’s!

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Heresy, Confusion, and the Holy Trinity

Rev. David Peteresen

Every good Lutheran teenager knows about the Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. In fact, your Sunday School teachers probably explained it to you using apple, baseball baseball player, and egg analogies. It’s not that simple though, and Pastor Petersen is here to delve into the mystery with you.

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