Fall 2018

Volume 18/Number 3

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From the plenary sessions to the breakout sessions, from the Gospelly good sermons to the glorious times of worship, Higher Things Sanctified 2018 summer conferences were focused like a laser beam on our sanctification in Christ.

Whether you’d like to relive some of those tremendous Sanctified 2018 memories or get a sweet taste of what a Higher Things conference is like, our fall retrospective issue fits the bill! Not only have we included some of the pictorial highlights, but we’ve also specially picked articles that reflect the essence of Sanctified 2018.

And believe it or not, it’s time again to think about registering for our next summer conferences: Concordia 2019!  You’ll find all the details in this fall issue of Higher Things Magazine!

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Faces of the Old Adam

Rev. Aaron T. Fenker

This side of heaven there will be no end to the battle with our flesh, AKA our Old Adam. Even though we are new creations through our Baptism into Christ Jesus, Rev. Fenker explains that it’s wise to get to know Old Adam’s many faces.

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The Lord’s Good Use of You

Rev. Brent Kuhlman

What role do the Ten Commandments play in your life as a believer? Why, to love your Lord and serve and love your neighbor, of course—all possible, according to Rev. Kuhlman, because you are holy in Christ and He promises to bless others through you.

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Sex, Sexuality, and Baptism

Sandra Ostapowich

We’re being bombarded with a social agenda that continues to blur the lines between male and female, resulting in grave consequences. Sandra reminds us that while the male/female distinction is vital, our identity as the baptized must be primary.

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Rise! Kill! Eat! Live!

Rev. Joel Fritsche

Sounds like a blueprint for life…really, it does! Check out Rev. Fritsche’s treatment of Peter’s “come to Jesus” moment on a rooftop in Joppa. It’s not just about food!

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More Than Pizza and Lock-ins: Building a Youth Program

Crysten Sanchez

When you combine her experience in working with youth at her church and her years of service with Higher Things, you’ll greatly benefit from Crysten’s insights into establishing a new youth program or revamping your current one.

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All About Angels

Rev. Christopher Hall

There are a number of movies and TV shows throughout the years that have been dedicated to the subject of angels…most of them being pure fiction. How much of what we hear in popular culture is accurate about these mysterious creatures in service to God? Rev. Hall lays out a solid introduction.

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Reaching Out to Differently Abled Peers

Deaconess Sarah Gaffney

Deaconess Sarah encourages us to reach out to those with disabilities wherever we may encounter them. And the best way to do that is to break the ice with a “hello!” and proceed, fueled by the Gospel.

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Catechism: Liturgical Catechesis: Gloria in Excelsis

Rev. William M. Cwirla

Christmas carols might come to mind, but the Gloria in Excelsis is a vital part of each Divine Service. Rev. Cwirla demonstrates how perfectly the Gloria shines the spotlight on this high, exalted God we worship who came down amongst us in all humility to die and rise as the Lamb of God.

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