Reading Higher Things Magazine on the New Digital Platform

How do I read the magazine online?

Once you have purchased a publication through, you can read it on any device either at that website or in the Issuu iOS or Android mobile apps.

To find your purchased content:
1. Log into your account.
2. Hover over READ and click “PURCHASES.”
(Publications that you have purchased with a Free Access Code will show up in your account Purchases.)


Can I read the magazine on my phone? Are there mobile-friendly articles?

You can preview and read Higher Things Magazine on any device using the Issuu app.

NOTE: Currently, you cannot purchase or apply a Free Access Code on the Issuu iOS or Android mobile apps, but you can still preview for-sale content and access your previous purchases (including those previously “purchased” with Free Access Codes). To purchase content through Issuu on mobile, you should go to in your mobile web browser.


I want to read Higher Things Magazine offline. How do I download it onto my computer or mobile device?

In the full screen viewer:
Open the purchased content in your Issuu account under READ –> PURCHASES. The publication will open in full screen. There will be a download button (down arrow) that you can click on in the top left corner of the screen.

In the Issuu iOS or Android app:
When you purchase publications, you get access to read the purchased publications on the Issuu app as well. To read the purchased content in offline mode on your app, you need to download it in your Issuu app. (NOTE: This not an actual download, but an ability to save the publication.)

  1. Go to PURCHASES, open the particular publication and click on the download button (down arrow).
  2. A message will pop up saying, “Added to Downloads.”
  3. Go to your DOWNLOADS. Here, you can read the content, even if you are offline

Where are the Bible studies now?

Leader and student versions of the Bible studies have been added to the end of each issue of Higher Things Magazine. Subscribers will receive, in their log with the Free Access Codes, a spreadsheet indicating which articles have accompanying Bible studies.


Free Access Codes

I have a Free Access Code. How do I use it?

A Free Access Code will enable you to access a Higher Things Magazine publication for free. As a reader, you first need to redeem the code. There are 2 options to redeem the code and read the publication for free. Codes are unique for each issue.

If you already have an Issuu account, make sure you are signed in before redeeming your code. If you’re already signed in, click on REDEEM PUBLICATION. If you do not yet have an Issuu account, one will be created one for you during this process. Click on SIGN UP & REDEEM PUBLICATION. You will receive information on how to claim your account and read your publication in your email Inbox.

If you have a code:

    1. Go to the following page: or scroll down to the footer on and click REDEEM CODE.
    2. Enter code and click REDEEM CODE
    3. You will be directed to the REDEEM CODE page.

If you have a direct URL, you just need to click the link you’ve been provided and follow step 3 above. Once you redeem the code, you’ll be able to access the publication for free. To access the publication, log in to your Issuu account, hover over READ and click PURCHASES.

(NOTE: Subscribers will have both codes and direct urls in their Free Access Code archive link.)


Why do I need SO MANY CODES??

Free Access Codes can only be generated for a single publication at a time. So to make the archive magazines and Bible studies accessible (as they have been for Magazine+ subscribers), each publication must have a code. For added fun, codes are only good for up to one year. So when you renew your subscription, your previous codes will no longer work and you will be sent new codes for that subscription period.


I lost my link to the Free Access Codes Log for archived issues of Higher Things Magazine. Can you send me a new one?

Absolutely. We can send it to the email address on file for your subscription. Please contact for assistance.


My Free Access Codes stopped working. What do I do?

It sounds like your subscription has expired. Free Access Codes are good for up to 1 year or for the remainder of your previous print magazine or Magazine+ account term, whichever comes first. Contact us to verify the situation and we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to subscribe directly through Issuu. New subscribers will receive a set of archival codes good for 1 year from the publication date of the active issue when they subscribed and receive new codes with the notification of the publication release for the remainder of their subscription.



How long does a subscription last?

In the previous systems, a subscription would need to be renewed 1 year after the date you subscribed, regardless of the number of issues that came out in that period. Now we will count your subscription as 4 issues, even if it takes us 18 months to publish those 4 issues.


I had a print and a Magazine+ subscription, does that mean I now have 2 subscriptions?

In a word, yes. You have a few options now. You can give someone a gift subscription for the remaining portion of your subscription, you can request a cancellation of one and we’ll refund the portion of funds remaining on your subscription, or you can request a cancellation and we’ll process the remaining funds as a donation to Higher Things. Just let us know which option you’d prefer!


How do I sign up for a gift subscription?

When you subscribe to Higher Things Magazine through Issuu, just enter the email address of the recipient on the account and enter your credit card information for payment.


How do I sign up for a group subscription?

Unfortunately, we have discontinued group subscriptions with the digital format. You may, instead, sign up for gift subscriptions. If you sign up for 15+ gift subscriptions, we will send you Free Access Codes for a 16th subscription at no additional charge. Please email when you have completed your 15 subscription entries, include the name and email address for the additional subscription and we will get you set up.


My previous subscription was a gift for someone else. Now I’m receiving the email for the digital edition and they’re not getting anything. What do I do?

We tried to contact everyone before making this change, but did not necessarily have current mailing or email addresses for everyone. Please contact us so we can fix the situation. We will need the recipient’s email address in order to send them the information to access the new digital Higher Things Magazine.


What’s going on with the digital magazine?

Help! I stopped getting my Higher Things Magazine in the mail!

All subscribers to the print magazine and Magazine+ received an email or letter (or both!) in late September/early October 2019 explaining that we have changed to a fully digital version of the magazine and have discontinued printing and mailing hard copies. Perhaps your letter got lost in the mail or we had an incorrect address for you and no email address to contact you another way and that’s why you didn’t hear about it in advance. Just contact us at and we’ll get you sorted out.


Why did Higher Things make this change?

Costs of printing and postage have risen exponentially over the years, and we simply can’t justify charging  the subscription rates necessary to keep the magazine in the black.


I don’t like this new format. Can I get a refund of my remaining subscription?

Yes. Please contact and allow us 7 business days to process it.