A Victorious Life?

What does “victorious Christian living” really mean? So often today we are led to believe that there can be ultimate victory over sin this side of heaven when, in fact, that is a lie. Rev. Brown [...]

Find Your Rest

Rev. Mize uses the words of a comforting Lutheran hymn to remind us that when we confront the brutal reality of simul justus et peccator at a funeral, we can know there is ultimate peace to be [...]

Good Guy or Bad Guy?

Some of the best works of literature we read are so relatable because the characters demonstrate the Simul so vividly. Rev. Schuldheisz cites numerous examples, all leading to the final [...]

Well, Do You Believe or Not? Yes! Help!

Is it possible to believe and not believe at the same time? Well, when you’re simultaneously saint and sinner it sure is! How do we reconcile this? Rev. Buetow points us time and time again to [...]

The Simul in the Old Testament

Rev. Riley demonstrates how the Simul is a key to understanding the underlying message of the entirety of the Scriptures, even the Old Testament: We are sinners in need of a savior who is Jesus [...]

The Law Is for You Even Now

If you’re a saint, why do you need to bother with God’s Law? Rev. Fenker walks us through the three uses of the Law to help us understand the role God’s good Law plays in the life of a Christian.