God’s Got You Covered

Did you know you have a more clothes in your wardrobe than you thought? Remember, you're baptized and so you wear Christ each day. Katie walks you through some of the clothing references in the [...]

Teach Me Your Way, O Lord

Stephen asserts that learning is a natural part of the Christian life and encourages us to have teachable hearts through receiving God’s Word and Gifts.

Our Neediest Neighbors

If you’re not quite sure how to handle an encounter with a homeless person, Timothy helps to put it all in perspective and points us, as always, to Jesus.

Hi, It’s Your New Pastor

A newly installed pastor himself, Rev. Goodman gives us insight into what it feels like to be the new pastor on the block and how we as parishioners can bless our new pastors as well as encourage [...]

70 x 7: Not Your Average Math Fact

It may seem daunting beyond belief to imagine forgiving someone 70 x 7 times. And if were up to us, that would be the reality. Rev. Brown shows how the ever-flowing fountain of God’s love and [...]

The Immeasurable Mercy of God

Judge not, and you will not be judged… so verse so often quoted in an effort to point fingers or defend ourselves that we miss the Good News of God’s boundless mercy in the very next verse. [...]

Your Cross Is His Cross

Rev. Borghardt dispels the notion that carrying one’s cross is some burden or care you must choose to endure in this life for the sake of Christ. To be sure, we do contend with those things this [...]