Welcome to our Apologetics issue! This marks the first ever completely topical issue of Higher Things® Magazine! We’ve brought together a stellar array of articles all related to and dealing with apologetics or “defending the faith.” Of course, you can’t argue someone into becoming a Christian but the ammunition you discover here will help you confess Christ boldly at work or school, demonstrating to others that the Christian faith isn’t foolish but really quite reasonable. Each of the authors in this issue gives a clear testimony to the importance of Christ as the center of everything we believe as Christians while illustrating how we can speak of Jesus clearly and without sounding silly while doing so. With all of the challenges to the faith from the world around us, this Apologetics issue will be a great resource to help you respond. Special thanks to Katie Hill, our editor, for all her hard work in bringing this issue together. We hope it will be the first of many topical issues that will serve as a great resource for parents, pastors, congregations, and youth!

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-Pastor Mark Buetow
Media Service Executive, Higher Things®