Higher Things® Magazine is a different sort of magazine. It’s a magazine for youth, but it’s not dumbed down theology. It’s a magazine for today, and yet it is connected to the Church of All Ages. It’s a magazine for Lutherans, but the teachings are for all who hold to the faith of Jesus Christ as contained in the Holy Scriptures.

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Higher Things® Magazine ISSN 1539-8455 is published quarterly by Higher Things Inc.

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Summer 2019

Volume 19/Number 2

Spring 2019

Volume 19/Number 1

Winter 2018

Volume 18/Number 4

Fall 2018

Volume 18/Number 3

Summer 2018

Volume 18/Number 2

Spring 2018

Volume 18/Number 1

Winter 2017

Volume 17/Number 4

Fall 2017

Volume 17/Number 3

Summer 2017

Volume 17/Number 2

Digital Edition – Summer 2017

Volume 17/Digital

Spring 2017

Volume 17/Number 2

Winter 2016

Volume 16/Number 4