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Higher Things® Magazine is a different sort of magazine. It’s a magazine for youth, but it’s not dumbed down theology. It’s a magazine for today, and yet it is connected to the Church of All Ages. It’s a magazine for Lutherans, but the teachings are for all who hold to the faith of Jesus Christ as contained in the Holy Scriptures.

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Information for Subscribers

Current subscribers to Higher Things Magazine have been emailed a link to a private Google Sheet containing Free Access Codes (and other details) for all issues from the most recent publication all the way back to the first issue in published in the summer of 2000. 

The first time you use a Free Access Code on Issuu, you will need to create an account using your email address. Then your issue will count as a Purchased Publication and remain connected to your account. You may read it anytime, download it, etc. Purchased publications will also be readable from your account in a mobile-friendly format using the Issuu app. Each publication will have a unique Free Access Code (this also applies to archival issues going back to 2000). When you use your codes to read other future or archived issues, make sure you are logged into your issuu account so that they get included in your Purchased Publications.

When it’s time to re-subscribe on the new system, you’ll just need to enter your credit card information on the new issue’s page (instead of a Free Access Code) and check the Subscription option. Once that’s done, we’ll send you a new list of codes to the magazine archives, good for 1 year and you’ll be notified when new publications of Higher Things Magazine are released!

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ below.

Magazine Subscription Changes

Current and recent subscribers of Higher Things Magazine and Magazine + should have received a letter in the last couple of weeks notifying them that the current print and Magazine+ formats will be discontinued as of October 15. You may read the letter by clicking on the button below.

This week, we will begin publishing Higher Things Magazine in an entirely digital format along with the Bible studies available for each issue. Past magazines and Bible studies will all be available for reading and download as well.

In order to keep our subscription database clean during this transition, we are temporarily disabling new, gift, and renewal subscriptions. Once we’ve uploaded and processed the Fall issue of Higher Things Magazine, you will be able to subscribe to Higher Things Magazine again using the new service.

Thank you for your continued support of Higher Things!

Higher Things® Magazine ISSN 1539-8455 is published quarterly by Higher Things Inc.

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