When it comes to morning prayer and devotions, Luther advises us in the Catechism, “Go joyfully to your work, singing a hymn, like that of the Ten Commandments, or whatever your devotion may suggest.” When we worship, we sing. That’s how it is in your church, and that’s how it is at a Higher Things Conference, too. But, as Luther teaches us, that’s not just a church thing or a conference thing. It’s an everyday sort of thing! Through our YouTube channel and our hymn albums, you can rejoice in the gift of song wherever you are.

You’ll sing along with Lutheran youth and young adults from around the country from one of our conference locations, as they receive God’s Word, praise God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and sing the Christian faith to each other.

The hymns on this album give you voice to praise God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that you can “go joyfully to your work, singing a hymn” but also “go to sleep…in good cheer,” doing everything in the peace of Jesus, the Son.

The Church joyfully sings praises to Jesus’ glory, that He died and rose for each and for all.

The Church joyfully continues to sing Reformation hymns that deliver, preach, and praise Jesus, our only and true Savior.