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You might've noticed by now that Higher Things does youth ministry differently than everyone else. We believe in teaching the historical traditions of our Lutheran faith to pass it on to the next generations. We help to bring young people up alongside the "less-young," building on their baptismal faith, and mentoring them into what we believe, teach, and confess so that they are equipped to be faithful adults who do the same when it's their turn. HELPFUL THINGS will teach you about youth ministry, Higher Things style, from our philosophy to the practical.
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Helpful Things: Playing It Safe
November 17th, 2020
COVID times. Uncertain times. Unprecedented times. That's what everyone's email introduction says! You're still gathering with your youth group? Great! Looking for some things to do with them while also maintaining some distance? We've got you covered!...
Helpful Things: Are You Ready for a Miracle?
September 1st, 2020
By Sandra Madden Since I began attending and coordinating Higher Things conferences, I've witnessed so many miracles. It's always in different cities but from pretty much the same place. I always watch it happen in the very back of the chapel--lectern side. I don't know why I stand there and rarely sit; that's just where and how I end up. The miracle is that what goes on is not supposed to happen....
Helpful Things: More Than Just Pizza or Lock-Ins
August 4th, 2020
Building or sustaining a youth program. Seems like a huge job, right? You have to consider all of the plans that go into each event and make your schedule open to actually be at all of those events, not to mention get to know and invest yourself in the lives of multiple different youth. Big job--but oh, so rewarding. And when you start to break down some of the important things to know about it al...
Helpful Things: Get Your Youth Talking!
July 10th, 2020
Get your youth talking! Their mental health may depend on it. Forgive the obviousness of this statement but there are a lot of scary events going on in the world right now! We are dealing with a global pandemic, racial tension and rioting, contentious politicking, and a frightening economic forecast. Now try to imagine going through all of the major physical and mental development that occurs duri...
Helpful Things: Spilling the Tea on Generation Z
June 16th, 2020
You don't have to struggle with your identity. You know who you are; you know Whose you are. In your Baptism, God has given you new life. He has forgiven your sins. He has made you who you are by showing you Whose you are. You are one who has been bought by Christ the crucified. ...