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You might've noticed by now that Higher Things does youth ministry differently than everyone else. We believe in teaching the historical traditions of our Lutheran faith to pass it on to the next generations. We help to bring young people up alongside the "less-young," building on their baptismal faith, and mentoring them into what we believe, teach, and confess so that they are equipped to be faithful adults who do the same when it's their turn. HELPFUL THINGS will teach you about youth ministry, Higher Things style, from our philosophy to the practical.
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Helpful Things: A Timeless Perspective on HT Conferences
March 23rd, 2021
We do worship, work, and play at HT conferences the way we do because we want nothing but the best for youth and want to help Lutheran pastors, parents, and congregations to provide it for them and keep them coming to church, where God’s gifts for us in Word and Sacrament are being given out. ...
Helpful Things: Fostering Confidence in Prayer
March 9th, 2021
So how do you pray on the fly? You need an outline. And you have a great one in the liturgy! The Collect of the Day--it’s that prayer before the readings that collects the thought of the service in a single sentence. It has a simple five-part outline. Learn it, and you’ll have a great outline for the next time someone says, “Would you pray for me?” Here’s how it goes....
Helpful Things: Communicate Effectively with Your Youth
February 23rd, 2021
Our events executive, Crysten Sanchez, has extensive experience working with youth in church, camp, and conference settings. She'd like to share with you some helpful communication tips to use as you seek to nurture a sense of camaraderie and cohesiveness amongst your youth....
Helpful Things: Sex, Sexuality, and Baptism
February 9th, 2021
Our culture today is saturated with sexuality. Sexuality has become all about who you love, or at least lust after. Whether it’s the idea that affirmative consent is the only boundary placed on sexuality, or that sexuality should be tied up completely in heterosexual marriage, which people ideally enter into soon after puberty, following traditional sex roles to form nuclear families with as many ...
Helpful Things: Effective Fundraising Through Midweek Meals
January 26th, 2021
Scores of Lutheran churches will soon be entering into the season of Lent, prayerfully and thoughtfully, but also with anticipation because it means midweek Lenten services and meals. These can be times of sweet fellowship as they encourage a church to come together and focus on Jesus Christ and Him crucified....