In honor of the great gospelly event of Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation, which had its 500th anniversary April 26, 2018, Higher Things Media dared to re-translate this Dr. Luther’s historic document for study by parents, pastors, youth leaders, and their groups! Dare to be Lutheran with us!

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On April 26, 1518, Luther’s fame was secured. While his 95 Theses, written six months earlier, had caused some rumblings, it was the Heidelberg Disputation that was, arguably, the match to the gasoline that was the Reformation. Friend and foe were made at Heidelberg. In his Twenty-Eight Theological Theses, and Twelve Philosophical Theses, Luther tears down the Medieval religious system, and he burns everything down to the true Foundation: Jesus Christ, who died and rose for sinners.

This special edition offers a historical introduction to the Heidelberg Disputation, written by Pastor Donavon Riley, Higher Things’ Online Content Manager. The Theses and their Proofs, written May 1518, are translated with readability in mind by Pastor Aaron Fenker, Higher Things’ Media Executive. The purpose: to open the Heidelberg Disputation to all Christians, and not just to those trained in theology!

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