Sure, you've got a Small Catechism and you learned it in confirmation—well enough for Questioning anyway. But sometimes it's good to liven up those memories, and maybe hear the basics of your Lutheran faith explained in a  slightly different way. We aren't interested in any sort of "new" or novel theology (that's how heresy gets started!) but we can take a fresh look at the FOUNDATIONS of our faith, making sure they're still strong and forming the basis of what we believe and live out as Christians.
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Foundations: Paid in Full
September 22nd, 2020
Every seventh year, the Lord commanded debts to be forgiven. Since it was a “seventh” year, it was sort of a “Sabbath” year, a year of rest and not having to make payments and worry about what you owed. Since Jesus is the fulfillment and completion and the true Sabbath rest, then in Him, our debts are forgiven once and for all....
Foundations: The Words of Our Lord
September 16th, 2020
The Words of Our Lord both reveal and proclaim. They reveal the bread to be His Body and the wine of the cup to be His Blood. They tell us what we cannot know by our reason and senses. We know that they are bread and wine, but Christ's words reveal them to be His Body and Blood. ...
Foundations: Great Is Your Reward
September 8th, 2020
See, our sinful flesh always wants to have its finger in the pie. We always want to put in our two cents and be the hero of the story. So when we hear a word like "reward" our minds and imaginations can start running, and we start constructing systems about how we can get more and more rewards....
Foundations: Dare to Be Lutheran!
September 7th, 2020
A Lutheran is a Christian who believes that Jesus alone saves by grace alone, received by faith alone. We know this from Scripture alone. It's as certain as 2+2=4. No one was ever called arrogant or closed-minded for believing that 2+2=4. It's not 5. It's not 3. Those other answers are wrong....
Foundations: Magisterial or Ministerial?
September 2nd, 2020
Since His Church is a kingdom, God Himself rules as its King, often through the gracious gifts that Jesus, our Prince of Peace, brings down to bless us. Holy Baptism, Holy Communion, Holy Absolution, and the Holy Gospel all bring the blessings of forgiveness of our sins, salvation of our souls, and life everlasting in the kingdom to come--paradise....