A lot of people have a lot of ideas about Christianity, what it's about, and what Christians supposedly believe. And then there are the Bible verses that get taken out of context to mean something other than what they actually say. At Higher Things, we want you to know the truth (and the Truth). In this column, we will take apart these false ideas and DEBUNK the confusing myths to keep you from going astray.
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Rev. Jake Sletten is the pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church and School in Freistatt, Missouri. He thinks the mission of Higher Things is exciting: to help raise up new generations of believers for the Gospel.

He is husband to Courtney, and dad to MJ, Bradley, and Emma. He loves going on dates with his wife, grilling on his Weber, coaching his kids' basketball teams, watching basketball (mainly his Los Angeles Clippers), and reading books about dragons.   
Katie Hill is the managing editor of Higher Things. When she’s not silently correcting everyone’s grammar, she enjoys fostering and fine-tuning the writing of authors who deliver the sweetness of the Gospel to Higher Things readers and beyond. A Lutheran convert for 15 years now, Katie has been working for HT in some capacity for nearly that same amount of time. She relishes life in a small town in northern Arizona with her husband, Jeff, and five children, two and a half of whom have left the nest.
Debunked: Impossible Decision
October 23rd, 2020
The only reason anyone is getting into heaven, is because the Creator seeks and retrieves what was His in the first place....
Debunked: Mark of a False Prophet
October 9th, 2020
If you ever find yourself in a church where the pastor is preaching himself, not Christ, run! As a baptized sheep in Christ's flock you must always remember that wolves are not harmless, they eat sheep!...
Debunked: Put Guilt in Its Place
September 25th, 2020
Nobody likes to feel guilty. We do all sorts of things to dodge it. We distract ourselves with entertainment, food, friends. Or we try to make up for whatever it is we think we're guilty of. As sinful creatures, we have a way of twisting guilt into something of an overwhelming burden. How often we forget that Christ has already borne our guilt!...
Debunked: What's Behind the Mask?
September 11th, 2020
According to the Fourth Commandment, people like police officers, fire fighters, doctors, nurses, and those who serve in organizations like health departments, are given to us by God as gifts for our good--that is, for our wellbeing....
Debunked: It's Okay to Lament
August 28th, 2020
It may surprise you to know that there is actually a pattern in the Scriptures that shows us how lamentation can be a constructive process, strengthening our reliance on our Father and bringing us the comfort found only in Christ. Ultimately we cry out because we know He will answer. He's a God who keeps His promises, after all....