Dean's List

author: Rev. Aaron Fenker

Pastor Fenker is the Lutheranest guy we know in HT when it comes to theology. Like, it's almost scary sometimes how Lutheran he is. He even looks like our historic Lutheran father, Philip Melanchthon! So we figured that the Dean of Theology for Higher Things should have a column to share his Lutheran thoughts with the world so we can become more Lutheraner, too. On the DEAN'S LIST, we'll learn about theology and whatever he wants to teach us. But mostly we'll read about Jesus, for us. Because that's what being Lutheran is really all about.
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As the Dean of Theology, Pastor Fenker oversees all the ways that Christ crucified is delivered throughout all Higher Things’ operations and programs, making sure that all its teaching, preaching, and worship deliver Christ and His forgiveness to those Higher Things’ has been blessed to serve. As a Lutheran pastor, he believes that all people, even youth and young adults, need not just pure doctrine but the pure Gospel, Christ crucified for the forgiveness of their sins. He passionately strives to make sure that Jesus’ teaching, Jesus’ preaching, Jesus’ Word, Jesus’ Sacraments, Jesus’ forgiveness are all delivered FOR YOU.