Dean's List

author: Rev. Aaron Fenker

Pastor Fenker is the Lutheranest guy we know in HT when it comes to theology. Like, it's almost scary sometimes how Lutheran he is. He even looks like our historic Lutheran father, Philip Melanchthon! So we figured that the Dean of Theology for Higher Things should have a column to share his Lutheran thoughts with the world so we can become more Lutheraner, too. On the DEAN'S LIST, we'll learn about theology and whatever he wants to teach us. But mostly we'll read about Jesus, for us. Because that's what being Lutheran is really all about.
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As the Dean of Theology, Pastor Fenker oversees all the ways that Christ crucified is delivered throughout all Higher Things’ operations and programs, making sure that all its teaching, preaching, and worship deliver Christ and His forgiveness to those Higher Things’ has been blessed to serve. As a Lutheran pastor, he believes that all people, even youth and young adults, need not just pure doctrine but the pure Gospel, Christ crucified for the forgiveness of their sins. He passionately strives to make sure that Jesus’ teaching, Jesus’ preaching, Jesus’ Word, Jesus’ Sacraments, Jesus’ forgiveness are all delivered FOR YOU.
Dean's List: God Speaks, We Confess
October 8th, 2020
By Aaron T. Fenker The Lord speaks, and we receive His Word. It's His Gift to us. We confess, (homologoumen, in the Greek, which means "say the same thing") that Word. We say what He says to us. He speaks, we listen, we speak that Word as He gave it. That's the way of faith. Faith defends our Lord's Word, employing other words at times. "I and the Father are one," (John 10:30) and "I will send fro...
Dean's List: The Law Is for You Even Now
September 24th, 2020
You are renewed. Renewed in Holy Baptism, new life is yours and the Holy Spirit is yours. Free salvation is given as a gift from God at the font (Titus 3:5). Yet you are not completely, 100% renewed in this life. If you were, you wouldn't need God's Word of Law. Not one bit! If you were completely free from sin, you wouldn't need any teaching, admonishing, urging, driving, force, or compulsion fro...
Dean's List: Faces of the Old Adam
September 10th, 2020
He's familiar. You know him all too well. And that's a bad thing--deadly, hell-worthy, even! Sounds bad, and it is! Evil, wicked, nothing good there--that's your flesh, your Old Adam. ...
Dean's List: Sola Scriptura--All About Jesus
August 27th, 2020
When it comes to the Solas, Sola Scriptura is a fundamental one. After all, it's in Scripture that God tells us that we are saved by grace alone and by faith alone....
Dean's List: Your Suffering God
August 13th, 2020
But Jesus doesn't just deal with death from the outside, like a doctor who heals his patients, though Jesus is the Great Physician. No, Jesus gets His hands dirty....
Dean's List: Baptized, Ready to Die
July 30th, 2020
That's what you’ve been baptized into: God's crucifixion and death--God's resurrection. Those are now your crucifixion and death--your resurrection. They can't be taken from you. There's nothing that the world, the devil, or even your own conscience can say to take that from you. ...
Dean's List: Your Vote Is a Gift for your Neighbor
July 16th, 2020
Aaron T. Fenker Politics is all about power. Who has it. Who wants it. Who should have it. Who shouldn't have it. Who we want to have it. Who we don't want to have it. That's just the nature of things in this life. Politics are embodied in the civil authorities, and that's always a power game. It always has been. Kings, queens, emperors, pharaohs, presidents, prime ministers--whatever titles we gi...
Dean's List: Your Permanent Record
July 2nd, 2020
But your name is there, dear saint of God. We're "engraved on the palms of My hands," the Lord says, His nail-scarred hands. You're named with God's own Name--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Your permanent record is the record He won for you....
Dean's List: You're Covered on Judgment Day
June 18th, 2020
Judgment Day is coming. It is! You can't escape it. Yes, there is a Last Day--a day when all good things will continue and begin for you, dear Christian. There's nothing that you can do. Jesus has already done it all....
Dean's List: Jesus Ain't Done Yet
June 4th, 2020
Jesus ain’t done yet. He’s not. Sometimes we think He is, though. We think: Jesus died, Jesus rose, and Jesus ascended. Done deal. Work completed. He does say, “It is finished” on the Cross, after all....