Dead Christians

contributors: Deac. Ellie Corrow, George Borghardt IV, Jessica Jacoby
& Patrick Sturdivant

Why exactly do we celebrate all of those feast days on the Church calendar? Who are all of these “saints” and why exactly should we care about them? And what does any of that have to do with ME? Throughout the Church’s history we’ll find plenty of stories about saints and martyrs — men and women who died professing their Christian faith. They proclaimed the Gospel and led lives worthy of legends. Some of the stories seem like they could be the next action blockbuster. And others could be pulled from the most terrifying of horror movies! Nevertheless, they each have something to teach us. This is what makes them DEAD CHRISTIANS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT.
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Ellie lives in Ballwin, Missouri with her son, Andrew, three dogs, and one cat. She serves as the Missionary Care Coordinator for the LCMS Office of International Mission, providing support to 100 missionary families worldwide. Ellie holds two MA’s from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in church history and theology, and an MA in Deaconess Studies from Concordia Theological Seminary. In her spare time Ellie enjoys her patio, single malt scotch, and laughing with friends—sometimes all at the same time.
Patrick is the Marketing and Development Executive for Higher Things. Involved with the organization since he was a youth attendee in the early 2000’s, Patrick understands the important role that Higher Things can play in instilling love for the Gospel in a young person. Because of this Patrick is committed to furthering the organization’s reach through inbound marketing and the creation of a brand that reflects Higher Things’ mission. As the Development Executive Patrick’s goal is to cultivate Higher Things communication network to continue this mission into the future.