A LIFE WEEK BIBLE STUDY: Unplanned Parenthood



In this lesson, students will learn that children are gifts from God, and sometimes those gifts come in unexpected and messy ways. But with God there is forgiveness, and He has promised that all things work for good for the sake of those who love Him.



At the end of this lesson, students will be able to explain how the Bible is, above all, the story of God’s salvation for real sinners. Students will arrive at that conclusion after diving into planned and unplanned parenthood Bible stories. While these stories are about sexual sins (explained in pretty frank and explicit ways) they also deal with parental disobedience, murder, theft, false testimony, and covetousness.



This archive package contains:

  • Lesson Plan (PDF)
  • Parenthood Worksheet (PDF)
  • Parenthood Worksheet Key (PDF)
  • Closure Activity (PDF)
  • Slide presentation (PPT)

Download the .ZIP file and simply double-click to expand the archive file.

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