Under The Cross – Mental Health & The Gospel

Mental health isn’t just a growing issue among our youth today. It’s the issue. Ashleigh Sheldon, a mental health professional, and Pr. Harrison Goodman are here to tackle tough issues like trauma, addiction, abuse, and depression. They’ll be joined by a host of other writers, poets, artists, and saints to give names to the dark even as we find hope in the Light, Jesus Christ our Lord. This project is focused on equipping you, through the vocations God has given you, to help the people in your life who are struggling with poor mental health, and to find comfort in God’s promises. Mental health and spiritual wellbeing are connected, and so both should be cared for and nourished. Jesus promises to shelter us with His presence. We’re here to talk about how He does it. Join us as we take shelter under the Cross.

This video is for educational and supportive purposes only.

This pastor is not YOUR pastor. We encourage you to speak to your pastor about these issues. If you do not have a pastor contact us so that we can help you find a pastor in your area.

This mental health professional is not YOUR mental health professional, and this professional is not providing any type of mental health counseling to anyone watching this video. This video is not a substitute for individual therapy or counseling. Below is a list of resources to find mental health support in your area as a youth, parent, pastor, or friend.


Many states offer Crisis Services via phone, text, and in person. Please check your own state’s options.

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