Reflections: Saturday of the Fifth Week after Trinity

Today’s Reading: Introit for the Sixth Sunday after Trinity 

     (Psalm 28:1-2, 7; antiphon: v.8-9)

Daily Lectionary: 1 Samuel 6:19-7:17; Acts 19:1-22

To you, O Lord, I call; my rock, be not deaf to me, lest, if you be silent to me, I become like those who go down to the pit. (Psalm 28:1)

In the Name + of Jesus. Amen. David tells us that the Lord is his rock, his fortress, and his stronghold, the One to whom David turns when he is in need. David prays that the Lord will hear him. If the Lord does not act, then David will go down to the pit, the grave, and he will die. These pleas for mercy come from the heart and mind of one who was painfully aware of His sinfulness. David knew his faults, and by faith, he knew that God alone could save him. 

In verse 7 we read, “The Lord is my strength and my shield.” This is a good reminder for us because the Lord alone is our strength. He is the shield that not only protects us in this life, but also gives us life. 

Like David, we are sinners. Our lives are filled with things we should not have done and things we should have done. We have failed to keep the commands of God, and without Jesus, we would go down to the pit. The wages of sin is death, and we can only be made right with God by the blood of Jesus shed on the Cross for us. Jesus our Savior died and rose from the dead, so we now have forgiveness and life in His Name. This mercy of God comes to us by faith, and it makes us alive so that we trust in Him and are strengthened in this life. 

The Lord is your rock. He is the stronghold of your life. He is not silent to us. No, the Lord speaks to us through His Word when we read it. His voice comes to us in church through preaching and teaching. The Lord’s Word is proclaimed by the Absolution and when you receive the Body and Blood of Christ. All of these good things are poured out by the One who is never silent, for the Lord hears the prayers of His people and shows mercy to all who cry out to Him. In the Name + of Jesus. Amen.

O Lord, continue to hear the prayers of Your servants. Help us always to remember that You alone are our rock and our shield. Thank You for the forgiveness and life You give to us through Your Son, our Savior Jesus. We ask that You help us each day to live and serve You as obedient children. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.  

-Rev. William K. Stottlemyer is pastor of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hancock, MD.

Audio Reflections Speaker: Rev. Duane Bamsch

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