Las Vegas, NV

University of Nevada
July 5-8, 2011

Bloomington/Normal, IL

Illinois State University
July 12-15, 2011

Atlanta, GA

Emory University
July 19-22, 2011


“Though I lie in dust and ashes, Faith’s assurance brightly flashes:
Baptism has the strength divine, To make life immortal mine.”
– God’s own child, I gladly say it (LSB 594)


Coram Deo? What exactly does “Coram Deo” mean? Well, it’s Latin for “before God,” as in His presence, under His reign, etc. Think a bit about living Coram Deo, before God. What does it mean that you live Coram Deo? Under the Law, life before God is terrifying. It is living under His judgment and wrath. But under the Gospel, life before God is beautiful, a restoration of what God intended when He made Man in the beginning.

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