Higher Things® has been known for our youth conferences that provide an intense week of Lutheran worship, catechesis, and fun. But we also have a ton of resources available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to help you learn (and teach!) what it means to be Lutheran—that you believe that we are are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

Here you'll find new articles and videos being posted every day, highlighting all sorts of different subjects: worship practices, theology and philosophy, social issues, history, and whatever news is flying around social media this week. (We take requests, too.)

Our goal is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to bear on any and every issue facing youth today, and equip parents, pastors, and youth leaders to do the same!



A lot of people have a lot of ideas about Christianity. At Higher Things, we want you to know the truth (and the Truth). In this column, we will take apart false ideas and DEBUNK the confusing myths about our faith.


Digging Deeper

We know you're up for learning more about theology, history, philosophy and the like. HT doesn't just help you set your mind on things above, we take you DIGGING DEEPER to learn more than you thought you could.



Life is interesting. Sometimes weird. What does that have to do with your faith? Exactly. That's why we should talk about the various ideas floating around the world in the news and social media.



We aren't interested in any sort of "new" theology (that's how heresy gets started!) but we can take a fresh look at the FOUNDATIONS of our faith—making sure they're still strong and forming the basis of what we believe.


Helpful Things

You might've noticed that Higher Things is different. We teach the historical traditions of our Lutheran faith to pass it on to the next generations. HELPFUL THINGS will teach you about youth ministry, from our philosophy to the practical.


Musica Sacra

Not only do we need to pass on the teachings of our faith to the next generations, but the music that proclaims it as well. In MUSICA SACRA, we will learn about hymns, musicians, and leading the Church in song.


Speaking of Faith

How do you talk about your beliefs with friends who haven't thought about what they believe before, and have no concept of church? SPEAKING OF FAITH will equip you to talk about what you believe...and why you believe it.


Dean’s List

Pastor Fenker is the Lutheranest guy we know in HT when it comes to theology. So we figured that the Dean of Theology for Higher Things should have a column to share his Lutheran thoughts with the world so we can become more Lutheraner, too.


This Just In

Something's happened. It's all over the news. For a lot of people, life will never be the same again. The world has shaken a little bit and it's going to take some sorting out. THIS JUST IN will help us do that, and remind us how God is always working for our good in Christ.


Under the Cross

The Gospel means something. Jesus dying for us has to just has to. Living out our lives UNDER THE CROSS means living in the hope of the Gospel in spite of our suffering.
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