The Second Sunday after the Epiphany

Jesus first miracle shows that He is such a Savior who has nothing but good gifts for you!

Saturday after the Baptism of Our Lord

Enter God’s house tomorrow on the day of His resurrection and see what He’s up to.

The Confession of St. Peter

If your heart and mind are in this Christ, set on Christ alone for your every good, you have already begun eternal life.

Thursday after the Baptism of Our Lord

God’s forgiveness reached down into the hellish deep in Jesus Christ, to draw you out of sin and death forever.

Wednesday after the Baptism of Our Lord

Everything in fallen creation has met its end in Jesus’ blood and death.

Tuesday after the Baptism of Our Lord

God isn’t for first place finishers, winners, heroes, or living legends—He’s for suffering and conflicted people.

Monday after the Baptism of Our Lord

God enjoys the challenge of turning a heart of stone into a living, beating heart of faith.

The Baptism of Our Lord

God’s declaration, “This is My beloved Son,” can only be believed. It can’t be known, felt, or seen.

Saturday after the Epiphany

By Baptism you are drowned in God’s election.

Friday after the Epiphany

No man comes to the Father but by the Son, whose finished His Father’s business for you.