Episode 80: On Spiritual Fathers

The series finale of the HT SimulCast from Pr. Riley and Pr. Gillespie.

Episode 78: Get Real – True Reality Found in Christ

This week, Pastor Riley and Kate discuss the reality of Christianity, founded on Christ's real sacrifice for sinners.

Episode 77: The Conference Edition

This week, the Pastor Riley is joined by a special guest, media executive Aaron Fenker, as they discuss what the summer HT conferences are all about.

Episode 76: The Forsaken God

This week, Pastor Riley and Kate examine the meaning of Christ's two natures in His sacrifice for us on the cross.

Episode 75: Gnosticism

This week, the Pastor Riley and Kate discuss the philosophical worldview of Gnosticism. This false teaching is not simply an early Church heresy.

Episode 74: Water, Blood, and Spirit Crying

This week, the pastors and Kate discuss the wonderful hymn Water, Blood, and Spirit Crying, LSB 597. This beautiful hymn encapsulates the Christian's life. The emphasis is only and always on Christ.

Episode 73: Confirmation, Catechesis, & Pentecost

This week, it's only Riley and Gillespie with another pastor roundtable. They discuss the weirdness that is confirmation, catechesis, and the gift of Pentecost. It's a shorter albeit meandering [...]

Episode 72: Amazing Grace… A Christian Hymn?

This week, the Simulcasters discuss the hymn Amazing Grace. They follow Pastor Riley's system of ranking hymns from bad to good to great.

Episode 71: Modalism Versus the Triplicity of God

This week, Kate, Pastor Riley and Pastor Gillespie learn all about modalism and the third century heretic Sibelius on the new segment, Theological Term You Should Know!