Advent 3

by The Rev. David M. Juhl Every year we are reminded more and more how offensive is the Name of the Lord. The month of December is slowly becoming a month where people buy presents, attend [...]

Second Sunday of Advent

by The Rev. Mark Buetow St. Luke 21:25-36 Maybe this so-called recession is frightening you. But are you praying? Maybe you’re worried about your job or if your job is secure, how [...]

Blessed is He who Comes

by The Rev. Brandon Simoneaux Today in addition to being the first Sunday in Advent it is also the first Sunday in the church year. So Happy New year to all of you. But if this is our [...]

Higher Homilies: 1 Corinthians 2

Pastor Kent Schaaf's (Grace Lutheran Church - Grass Valley, California) sermon from the Crucified Conference in Logan, Utah.

Sola: No One Comes to the Father except through Me

by The Rev. Bruce Keseman Sola.  That’s Latin.  You’ll learn a lot of Latin this week.  Sola means “alone.”  Maybe you already knew that.  If you didn’t, I guarantee you’ll know it by the end of [...]

Higher Homilies: Exodus 12:1-14

Pastors Cwirla's sermon from the Crucified 2014 Conference in Logan, UT.

Lofty Language

Rev. Tab Ottmers of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Fairview, TX preached at Crucified 2014 in Florida.

Impress Me!

Rev. David Kind, pastor of University Lutheran Chapel in Minneapolis, MN, preached on 1 Corinthians 2 at Crucified 2014 in Wisconsin.

The Festival of the Reformation

by the Rev. Mark Buetow Martin Luther had to be set free. He was a slave to his sins. He had become a monk so that he could spend every hour of every day living a holy life and make God happy [...]

What’s Jesus doing?

What’s Jesus doing? Obviously He didn’t get the memo. Someone call the bouncers before He gets past John and jumps into that water! This is no way to start your ministry Jesus! After all, you’re [...]