Chaste and Decent Lives

There's a whole lot more to the sixth commandment than you might think and we're all guilty of breaking it in some ways. However, Pastor Cwirla reminds us that it all boils down to God protecting [...]

Catechism: Intro to the Small Catechism

Now is the perfect time to pull your Small Catechism from the shelf, blow off the dust, and rediscover its value. Before Rev. Cwirla delves into even more Catechism goodness, he lays out its [...]


by The Rev. Rich Heinz Ichabod? That seems like a funny name to bring up right now. Most often that name makes us think of Ichabod Crane and the headless horseman. But the name is recorded in 1 [...]

A Strange First Christmas

Why is Christmas so wonderful? Why do we spend so much time waiting for it to come each year? It cannot be just because it looks beautiful outside, or because you think your parents will get you [...]

The Lord who Tabernacles with Us

Advent begins on an unexpected note. Look back on the readings assigned to the first Sunday in Advent and especially the Gospel lesson. At first they seem out of place. We hear of our Lord and [...]

An Extraordinary Christmas Gift

This past Christmas day...and every Sunday year 'round, drop what you're doing. Hear and go see what is given for you: a Savior! Run with haste to your church where the Word is preached and where [...]

The Divine Service: The Lord’s Supper

The Apostles had it made. The long awaited Messiah, the Christ first promised to sinners in the garden, the Son of God and Son of Man of which the prophets spoke of now stood among them. He [...]

Christmas Slogans vs. Flesh and Blood Jesus

Rev. Mark Buetow It’s that time of year again: Advent, the time when Christians around the world complain that the culture is taking over Christmas by putting up decorations after Halloween, [...]

The Watchmen on the Heights Are Crying

The fact of the matter is that there is always enough cross to go around. There is always enough life to be given, for Christ is the One who gives. So, live. In your baptism rejoice, and live. As [...]

Advent 101 – The Season

by the Rev. William Cwirla The church year in the West begins with with a preparatory season called “Advent.”  The word “advent” comes from the Latin word adventus, meaning “appearing” or [...]