We Celebrate… God Become Man for Our Salvation

In the Church, we don't celebrate "Christmastime." We don't deal with the "season." In the Church, our focus isn't really on any of the numerous traditions that float around. We celebrate [...]

Shaming the Shamers

There is a place in this world for shame and scorn. That place is upon Jesus. All the shame and the scorn are His. That way all the smiles and good things to say are said about you by God the [...]

Let It Go: Your Identity in Christ Trumps Your GPA

There's a lot of pressure in academic circles to make the grade, to stand out, to be exceptional. It can become far too easy to let your GPA become your primary focus. Ramona examines the fine [...]

Don’t Put God Back in Schools

Pr. Buetow talks about putting God back in schools and why it might not be such a good idea. by Rev. Mark Buetow.

Permanently Marked

It probably wasn't most brilliant idea I ever came up with to get a tattoo in college (junior year, March 12, 1993 to be exact), but at least it was a Trinity symbol. I had been thinking of [...]

Daring to Be Lutheran On Campus

The world is not our friend, and the devil is always looking for ways to slip us up. By threatening our social lives, our grades, and our wellbeing Satan will stop at nothing to snatch us out of [...]

Praying for Your Front-Line Pastor

There are far too many people who seem to think that their faithful pastors are shrinking violets or spineless buffoons who are unable (or even unwilling) to hear of your demons and sins. Perhaps [...]

If You Believe, Why Aren’t You Better?

The only off switch for sin is death. So Christ died. In your baptism, you will too. Every single day. Jesus says, "I desire mercy, not sacrifice." Just mercy. It's not your job to conquer sin on [...]

Higher Things: Oh, the Places We Will Go

What that week at For You was one of the most incredible times of my life. I met wonderful people. I was floored by the sheer force of the preaching and teaching. Plus, I had an amazing time that [...]

Moving On: A Letter from Father to Son

I hope this letter is a gift to you, Son. I hope it's a gift to the rest of you who read it, too. Your parents love you. They are proud of you. They will be proud of whatever and wherever the [...]