Amen: Celebrity Catechists

by the Rev. Rich Heinz A new sectional topic at Amen has been leaked. We have just confirmed that Anakin Skywalker (the former Darth Vader) will host a catechesis sectional entitled: “What is [...]

The Real Reason for the Deadline Extension

With the early date of Easter, the decision has been made to extend the registration deadline for Amen. Until now, the intricacies of the decision making were unknown. Now, in a Higher Humor [...]


by the Rev. Richard Heinz Rev. Grant A Knepper recently leaked the latest celebrity registrant for Amen. In a comment on Renaldo Lapuz having registered, Pastor Knepper left a comment that [...]

Renaldo Lapuz

Renaldo Lapuz, whose eccentric audition on this year’s American Idol has been immortalized on YouTube, is the most recent celebrity to register for Amen! The flamboyant yet likeable audition [...]

Celebrity Registrants for Amen!

News of Amen, the 2008 series of conferences for Higher Things, has reached the celebrity elite. Participants in Amen will get to “rub elbows” with some of the rich and famous youth from around [...]

Bach to Basics


Weapons of Mass Instruction

Landon Reed, Retreat Executive for Higher Things wonders, does this sign apply to the cross that we've placed in our auditorium-turned-chapel?

Faster Pastor

Actually overheard on the first day of FOR YOU in Minneapolis: “Yeah, we probably would’ve gotten here sooner, if Pastor didn’t get that ticket!”