Let Your Holy Angel Be With Me

by The Rev. William Weedon Our Catechism teaches us to pray every morning and every night: “Let Your holy angel be with me that the evil foe may have no power over me.” And then in the morning, [...]

Invited to the Feast

He sets a place at His eternal feast for you. He has dressed you, He has called you into His presence, and He places before you His gifts—gifts to receive in joy, gifts that make you merry with [...]

Ash Wednesday 2010

Rev. Mark Buetow Consider for a moment the ashes smeared on your head. Or if you don't have ashes at least look around at someone that has them and think about the ashes for a minute. And [...]

You’re In

In Christ, you're always God's beloved. In Christ, you're Gospeled. In Christ, you're Baptized. In Christ, you're bodied and bloodied. In Christ, there's no more crumbs for little dog-Gentile [...]

The Breaking of the Bread

So, here He is again. Your Savior, in the breaking of the bread. Given and shed for you. And you'll run back home today declaring, "The Lord IS risen! And we knew Him in the breaking of the bread [...]

Bread-of-Life Jesus

What's God done for you? Well, what's Bread-of-Life Jesus done for you? EVERYTHING! Died for you. Rose for you. Salvation forever for you. What have all the things we want really done for us? [...]

Advent 3

by The Rev. David M. Juhl Every year we are reminded more and more how offensive is the Name of the Lord. The month of December is slowly becoming a month where people buy presents, attend [...]

Second Sunday of Advent

by The Rev. Mark Buetow St. Luke 21:25-36 Maybe this so-called recession is frightening you. But are you praying? Maybe you’re worried about your job or if your job is secure, how [...]

Blessed is He who Comes

by The Rev. Brandon Simoneaux Today in addition to being the first Sunday in Advent it is also the first Sunday in the church year. So Happy New year to all of you. But if this is our [...]