Wanna Celebrate Reformation? Dare to be Lutheran!

by The Rev. Mark Buetow The rally cry of Higher Things is “Dare to be Lutheran!” In October, Lutherans celebrate Reformation Day , the day when Dr. Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on the [...]

Three Wrong Ways to Look the Reformation (and One Right Way)

The echoes of A Mighty Fortress are still ringing from this week’s Reformation celebration in the Lutheran Church. This year was a special anniversary—500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 [...]

9/11 – Ten Years Later

It was a Tuesday morning. I was preparing to host our monthly circuit pastors’ meeting. My wife called from work. “Turn on the TV, we’re under siege,” she said. I turned on the television in time [...]

The Surreal Life: Suffering Under the Cross

Imagine hurriedly packing what stuff you could into the car and just leaving your home, your job, your friends, your life. Picture yourself riding down the road, unsure of where you are going, or [...]

Wars and Rumors of War

I woke up this morning to more reports of violence. More terrorism over the weekend, another mass shooting, places still devastated by natural disasters. Seems to be what we wake up to entirely [...]

Trust in The Lord and Rely Not on Your Own Understanding

With all of these natural disasters happening it simply seems fitting to talk about how God reveals himself in these tough times. We all want to talk about how bad the (insert natural disaster [...]

To Help and Serve Our Neighbor

In light of recent events in South Texas (where I live) I thought this would be the perfect subject to start off with. The hurricane was devastating and destroyed countless homes and hurt more [...]

Higher Things Conferences: Unapologetically Lutheran

With Higher Things, there is so much more than that. Higher Things conferences do exactly what they say they do. It is unapologetically Lutheran.

Does College Make It Too Challenging to Be Lutheran?

College campuses and Christianity are not two words I would put together very often. With our society increasingly moving towards ‘post-truth’ where no one can state objective truths, Christians [...]