Concord #6: Justification

Justification is getting lined back up again, like this paragraph is “left justified” because the words are lined up straight on the left side. Justification is how we get pointed back toward [...]

Concord #5: Jesus

In the second article of the Augsburg Confession, the first evangelical Christians presented the problem of sin. Without delay, the solution to sin is given in the very next article of [...]

Concord #4: Original Sin

You can’t get too far in a theological discussion before you run into sin. It’s kind of a big deal in the Bible. And it also happens to be the topic of the second article of the Augsburg Confession.

Concord #3: God

"Concord" is a weekly study of the Lutheran Confessions, where we will take up a topic from the Book of Concord and reflect on what we believe, teach, and confess in the Lutheran Church.

Concord #2: Augustana

Learn more about the Lutheran confession, and how it is our concord.

Concord #1: What does this mean?

Learn more about the Lutheran confession, and how it is our concord.

Concord #31: The Mass, Part 2

There were a number of abuses of the Mass, that is, abuses of the Sacrament. In the service itself, there were prayers and ceremonies that presented the Sacrament of the Altar as a sacrifice that [...]

Concord #30: The Mass, Part 1

The article on the Mass is an article on worship. Before getting to the teaching on the Mass, it’s necessary to define our terms.

Concord #29: Marriage of Priests, Part 2 – A Help against Weakness

Marriage has a number of purposes. In the beginning, God created man and woman and gave them to each other in marriage for mutual companionship and help, and for the procreation of children [...]

Concord #28: Marriage of Priest, Part 1 – The Goodness of Marriage

An issue facing the Church at the time of the Reformation is whether priests, or pastors, could be married. The tradition that had been received in the medieval Church was that priests and monks [...]