Bread-of-Life Jesus

What's God done for you? Well, what's Bread-of-Life Jesus done for you? EVERYTHING! Died for you. Rose for you. Salvation forever for you. What have all the things we want really done for us? [...]

José y Maria

In 2014, the graphic novelist, Everette Patterson, of Portland Oregon decided to do a Christmas card in the vein of the graphic novel pioneer Will Eisner, "who so often depicted, with religious [...]

Not as the World Gives

by Jonathan Kohlmeier This world isn't very peaceful is it? You are always hearing about hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes, flooding and other natural disasters. The news is plagued [...]

A Heart that Sees

by The Rev. Jonathan Naumann As we recently contemplated during Christmastime, the Gospel of St. John says, “[Christ] was in the world, . . . the world did not recognize Him” (John 1:10). [...]