Higher Things Media is proud to announce the publication of The Catechism Prayer Book: Prayers Drawn from the Words of the Catechism.

This resource is perfect for catechumens, confirmands, and anyone wanting to receive not only greater knowledge of the Catechism but also the gift of faith, trust, and hope that expresses itself in heartfelt, confident, Spirit-filled prayer.

Katie Hill, Managing Editor for Higher Things and editor of The Catechism Prayer Book, says, “I think this book is remarkable, quite frankly. I plan to gift all of my older kids with it and also a few close friends. Pastor Buetow does an incredible job weaving prayers with the Catechism, but particularly his focus on assurance and the hope of the resurrection is so desperately needed by so many.”

The Catechism Prayer Book was written by Rev. Mark T. Buetow, Pastor at Zion Lutheran Church, McHenry, IL, and former Media Executive for Higher Things.

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(Kindle and Print editions available)

When it comes to the Catechism, “the Word (the first three Parts) and the Sacraments (the second three Parts) teach us our whole life as Christians. The Catechism, covering these ‘Chief Parts’ is thereby showing us the whole Bible. In fact, to know the Catechism is to know the whole Bible and everything you need to know to be a Christian.” (CPB, Introduction, v)

The Catechism is also important when it comes to prayer. “Since prayer does not come naturally, it is good to have words to pray so that our wandering hearts and minds are kept to our Lord’s Word and promises. The prayers in this book tune our minds to God’s Word and promises, His Law and Gospel, to trust in Him for all things, using the words we learn in the Catechism.” (CPB, How to Use This Book, vi)

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