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Background Check policy and procedure

How to Complete your Background Check for Higher Things Conferences

In the past few years we have implemented a new policy regarding background checks. This policy was implimented  because many of the schools that we contract with are now requiring their user groups to take measures like this, and we want to be proactive instead of reactive. More importantly however, is the safety of the youth that are entrusted to us. Many predators take advantage of church programs that are more lax than they should be when it comes to checking those involved with our children and youth.

Before you stress about this, please know that the typical turnaround time for these background checks are 24-48 hours. You will have plenty of time to complete background checks for your group prior to the deadline.

We will accept background checks from three places:

Protect My Ministry - Higher Things has an account with this organization in order to provide an easy way for you to complete the requirement. Click the link, fill out the form, and pay approximately $20.00 per background check. The checks will then be sent directly to Higher Things, and you will only be contacted if there is a problem or concern with your report. If your church has an account with Protect My Ministry, you may give us a background check already completed through them as long as it is a National Criminal and Sexual Predator check.

Sentry Link - This website will give you what we need for $19.95. Turn in the completed background check to me once finished.

Trusted Employees - This website will give you what we need for $29.95. Turn in the completed background check to me once finished.

You may present a background check that you have from another source. If it meets the requirements, Higher Things will accept it in place of the other three accepted routes. Higher Things does not guarantee that it will be accepted. Please note that FBI background checks will not be accepted because federal background checks are not the same as national background checks.

We suggest that you have your church council or board meet to determine the best process for your congregation. This will be sensitive information that should be handled confidentially. There will also be a small cost associated with it, which your congregation will have to determine how to handle.

Background checks must be submitted to the conference registrar at registrar@higherthings.org by the May 15th prior to the conference.

Please contact the conference registrar at registrar@higherthings.org for any questions.