Baptism is the door to the church

But, in the first place, we take up Baptism, by which we are first received into the Christian Church. However, in order that it may be readily understood, we will treat of it in an orderly [...]


“We have now finished the three chief parts of the common Christian doctrine. Besides these we have yet to speak of our two Sacraments instituted by Christ, of which also every Christian ought to [...]

Amen means this is true and comes from faith that dares to pray.

“But all depends upon this, that we learn also to say Amen, that is, that we do not doubt that our prayer is surely heard, and [what we pray] shall be done. For this is nothing else than the word [...]

Deliver us from evil by everything we’ve prayed thus far.

“But this matter He has put last; for if we are to be preserved and delivered from all evil, the name of God must first be hallowed in us, His kingdom must be with us, and His will be done. After [...]

Deliver us from the damage the evil one would do

“Therefore we finally sum it all up and say: Dear Father, pray, help that we be rid of all these calamities. But there is nevertheless also included whatever evil may happen to us under the [...]

Deliver us from the evil one

“Deliver or preserve us from the Evil One, or the Malicious One; and it looks as if He were speaking of the devil, as though He would comprehend everything in one, so that the entire substance of [...]

God tempts no one, but uses temptation to drive us to prayer.

"Therefore we Christians must be armed and daily expect to be incessantly attacked, in order that no one may go on in security and heedlessly, as though the devil were far from us, but at all [...]

Feeling temptation is not the same as yielding.

"But such feeling, as long as it is against our will and we would rather be rid of it, can harm no one. For if we did not feel it, it could not be called a temptation. But to consent thereto is [...]

We’re all tempted, just not in the same ways

Everyone experiences temptation, though not all in the same manner. It's easy to understand people who sin like you sin. It's harder to have compassion on those who experience different [...]

Lead us not into temptation – this is not a fair fight

We pray "lead us not into temptation" because the odds are stacked against us, and nobody could avoid or resist temptation on our own, but this is not a fair fight. God fights for us, and lets [...]