Why stay away from a gift?

“Now, it is true, as we have said, that no one should by any means be coerced or compelled, lest we institute a new murdering of souls. Nevertheless, it must be known that such people as [...]

How often must I…or how little?

” 39] In conclusion, since we have now the true understanding and doctrine of the Sacrament, there is indeed need of some admonition and exhortation, that men may not let so great a [...]

communing rightly is a gift of God

“35] The treasure, indeed, is opened and placed at everyone’s door, yea, upon his table, but it is necessary that you also claim it, and confidently view it as the words suggest to [...]

You can’t eat for someone else

“On this account it is indeed called a food of souls, which nourishes and strengthens the new man. For by Baptism we are first born anew; but (as we said before) there still remains, [...]

The giver defines the gift

Worship is God giving, and us receiving. We can’t define the gift. Only the giver can do that. Thanks be to God He gives His body and blood for you for the forgiveness of your sins.

The Sacrament of the Altar

“We must speak also concerning the other Sacrament, namely, these three points: What is it? What are its benefits? and, Who is to receive it? And all these are established by the words by [...]

Baptism in summary

“But if anyone fall away from it, let him again come into it. For just as Christ, the Mercy-seat, does not recede from us or forbid us to come to Him again, even though we sin, so all His [...]