God baptized you

For these are the words, Go ye, baptize; however, not in your name, but in the name of God. For to be baptized in the name of God is to be baptized not by men, but by God Himself. Therefore, [...]

Baptism works from the outside in

For it is of the greatest importance that we esteem Baptism excellent, glorious, and exalted, for which we contend and fight chiefly, because the world is now so full of sects clamoring that [...]

Baptism is rooted in God’s word

If we’re going to talk baptism, we need to look to God’s word to understand it. “In the first place, we must above all things know well the words upon which Baptism is founded”

Baptism is the door to the church

But, in the first place, we take up Baptism, by which we are first received into the Christian Church. However, in order that it may be readily understood, we will treat of it in an orderly [...]


“We have now finished the three chief parts of the common Christian doctrine. Besides these we have yet to speak of our two Sacraments instituted by Christ, of which also every Christian ought to [...]