Rev. Rich Heinz

It’s coming! We have waited 32 years for it, but the events and characters in the fictional Star Wars galaxy will finally have their next chapter revealed. Fans of all ages can share the thrill and excitement of the story.

The classic heroes are coming! Luke, Leia, and Han will be there, along with many supportive roles. The new heroes are coming! Bits and pieces have been shown in theatrical teasers and trailers. And new villains are coming!

The Advent of this film is quite exciting for many in my generation. We were children when the first Star Wars film hit the theaters. We had a 16-year wait before the second trilogy came about. Now, another 16 years have passed, from the release of Episode I. We are bursting with anticipation over the coming of this film. And in a matter of days, it will be here!

For the Old Testament Church, there was far more than a 16- or 32-year wait. Thousands of years passed since Eve first heard the promise of the One who would crush the serpent’s head. Close to 2,000 years had passed since Abraham heard of the Seed that would come through his son of promise. King David had died some 1,000 years before his descendants returned to their family’s home town, where the Messiah would be born.

He came! The Seed of the Woman, The Seed of Abraham, the Son of David came for us! He comes! Christ Jesus comes for you, through Baptism, Absolution, the preaching of His Gospel, and His Holy Supper. He joins Himself to these earthly means, and brings forgiveness and salvation to you! He will come! The Lord of the Church will return in glory, coming to take His Bride to the joyful Resurrection, where we will enjoy His blessed Paradise without end!

There is nothing wrong or sinful in being excited about a new film coming. The Lord blesses us with gifts of entertainment and recreation. But infinitely more important and exciting is the joy of the coming of Christ our King! He continually comes to us to save us from our sin!

George Lucas has crafted a story that in many ways is affected by false religions and philosophies from the Far East. However, we can observe some unintended correlations. Far better than some impersonal “Force,” the Lord God has entered time and space to bear our sin and be our Savior. He is the true and ultimate “Hero” who is, in truth, the “only hope.” And good does triumph over evil — not because we can overcome anything or anyone, but because the Lord rescues us from sin, death, and the power of the devil. This is most certainly true!

Rev. Rich Heinz hasn’t gone by the name “Pastor Kenobi” since, oh, since before you were born. He is pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church and School in Chicago, Illinois. He also serves as Worship Coordinator for HT Conferences.

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