Rev. Eric Brown

I love Christmastime. It’s something I just inherited from my mom. She’d have 4 or 5 trees up and she’d play Christmas music four months of the year and I confess that I can identify nine different versions of A Christmas Carol just by the soundtrack alone. This time of year is a Holly Jolly time for me.

I also realize that for some people, it’s not. Not at all. For some, Christmastime brings with it sorrow or sadness or pain. Bad memories. Darkness. I can totally understand that-there are plenty of my own relatives who have that sort of relationship to Christmastime.

But you know what? In the Church, we don’t celebrate “Christmastime.” We don’t deal with the “season.” In the Church, our focus isn’t really on any of the numerous traditions that float around. We celebrate Christmas-that Christ Jesus became Man for us and for our salvation. Our focus is this: The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Our God is with us-with us in all the things that we face in this life, be it joy and celebrations, or heartache and sorrows. Whatever we come across in this life, whatever December holds, Christ Jesus is with us.

Literally. When we say that Jesus is with us, that’s not just figurative speech, it’s the truth. It’s the great wonder of our faith. It’s why the Church gathers on the 25th and celebrates Christmas with the Lord’s Supper (yes, we have “mass” on Christmas-go figure!) because it is there in the Supper where Christ Jesus comes to dwell with us poor miserable sinners to bring us forgiveness, salvation and life.

I don’t know how your Christmastime has been. I hope it’s been merry. If not, I hope you’re getting through it okay. Either way, Jesus became man to win you forgiveness and salvation, and He still comes to you in His Supper to give you that forgiveness and salvation and to give you strength to see you through good days and bad ones. In Him, you do have joy-now in part and then in full forever more. In the Name of Christ Jesus. Amen.


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