By Rev. Eric Brown

“No one can serve two masters… therefore I tell you.” (Matthew 6:24)

The idea that we cannot serve both God and Money is a favorite one of decision preachers. The fellow will stand up there are draw a line – which are you going to choose: God or Money? He might even demand that you put extra money in the offering plate just to show how much you have chosen God.

I suppose there is a bit of truth there; it is good to give an offering, to give money away. It does help keep money from being an idol; you don’t give an idol away. But it misses the point of what Jesus is talking about here and through the rest of the text. This is not a call to make a personal decision. Jesus doesn’t go on to tell us to choose to live like lilies of the field or birds of the air.

Here’s the hinge. You can’t have two masters. You can only have one master. There can be only One whom you listen to, and Jesus says, “Therefore I tell you.” Jesus is the One telling you how things are and how they are going to be. See what that means? Jesus isn’t asking you to vote for God; Jesus is just flat out telling you that He is your Master.

And that’s a good thing. He’s a good Master. He will provide for you. Oh, there will be troubles and hardships and worries, but He will see you through them. Maybe not always in an incredibly comfortable way, but your Master Christ Jesus excels at seeing you through things. He will provide for you all your days. And even when that day comes, when the troubles or hardships of life do their worst, even when the day comes and you die – your Master Jesus will keep on seeing you through things. He will raise you from the dead and bring you to the life everlasting.

You have a master. His name is Jesus, and He gives you everything – even His own life. He is devoted to you and loves you greatly, and He will bless and preserve you not only all your days, but forever and throughout eternity. 

Rev. Eric Brown is pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Herscher, Illinois and the co-host of the HT Gospeled Boldly Podcast.

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